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6th of May 2016


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29th of september 2014

After having given some exposure to their album "Electrify" on their facebook page,
Joel of Airbourne have joined the swiss rockers of Sideburn on stage at the Guitare en Scène Festival (France) to perform the AC/DC standard : T.N.T.

You can view the video here:

8th of August 2014


20th of July 2014

We had a blast last night playing at FESTIVAL GUITARE EN SCENE and the honor to have Joel of Airbourne with us onstage for a crazy jam !

Thanks a lot mate !! You are the new king of Rock'n'roll !!

14th of May 2014

Press release

Sideburn's "Electrify" get some promot
ion from Airbourne‏

The dynamic australian master of pub rock Airbourne have just given some extra visibility to the swiss rockers of Sideburn by mentionning their last album "Electrify" on their Facebook page:


What the band Sideburn has to say:

Nick Thornton (Bass):

"The Airbourne boys have always been a monster Rock'n'Roll machine, first time I saw them was about 11 years ago i think in the bar i was working at in St Kilda, Melbourne. They just had the passion. A fan ever since I have been. Rock On!!!!

Hopefully we can sink a few cans together after the show at Guitare en Scène"

Lionel Blanc (drums):
"For us this is just fantastic to see that such a successfull great band dig our rock'n'roll. They are definitely the best live rock band since the release of their master piece "Runnin' wild" and they really deserve their success. 

We can't wait to play with them in July at the french festival Guitare en Scène (as well as U.D.O., Steve Vai & Eric Sardinas), we'll definitely deliver the beer for the aftershow !!!"

24th of december 2013

21th of october 2013

Gagnez avec CEDE.CH la guitare SCHECTER Solo-6 Radiation utilisée sur le tournage du clip "Frontline" signée par le groupe (seulement en Suisse):

Envoie un e-mail avec l’objet «Sideburn» et ton adresse à win@cede.ch !

La date limite de participation est le 28/10/13. Les participations multiples ne seront pas prises en compte.

Gewinnen Sie mit CEDE.CH Gitarre SCHECTER Solo-6 Radiation in den Dreharbeiten zu "Frontline" von der Band unterzeichnet verwendet (nur in der Schweiz):

Senden Sie eine E-Mail mit "SIDEBURN" Objekt und Ihre Adresse win@cede.ch !

Der Einsendeschluss ist der 28.10.13. Mehrere Einträge werden nicht in Betracht gezogen werden.

19th of september 2013

The 6 Electrify videos presentation are online

2nd of September 2013

The first Electrify video presentation is currently online

16th of July 2013

Our song "Six feet under" will feature in the amazing new movie "The Wolverine" !

4th of June 2013

The band started to record his new album which will be released at the end of October:
The drums will be recorded at the Nicehill Studio in Fribourg - engineered by Greg Pasquier
Bass, guitars & vocals will be recorded at Newside Studio in Lausanne and
it will be mixed by the legendary
Beau Hill.

13th of May 2013


Tune in to FatCat Radio thru out the week to hear 'double-shots' from Switzerland's SIDEBURN twice an hour plus complete album spins as well.

27th of April 2013

For the 10th anniversary of the album "Gasoline", a new cd version will be released on the 17th of May in Switzerland (Irascible Dist), on the 24th of May for Europe (Metal Heaven) and USA (CDBaby).

Released in october 2003, "Gasoline" featured 11 songs. Some of them like the classics: "Gangster Lover", "Never kill the chicken", "Giov in LA" or "Black sheep" are still part of the current live set-list.

The reissue will include 3 bonus tracks recorded live on the 27th of October 2012 at the Brise Glace of Annecy (France).

- Slave to the core
- Crocodile
- Get that way

12th of October 2012

The show in Annecy (France) at the Brise Glace on the 27th of October 2012, will be recorded for an upcoming live album or as bonus tracks.

2nd of October 2012
  3 new french gigs added to our concert list

16th of August 2012

Another great news, our song "Knockin at the wrong door" has been picked to be featured in the
trailer of the coming movie "Hit & Run".
Watch the trailer 1

3rd of August 2012

Don't miss next week's performance at Adidas Rockstar. Broadcasted live on Myspace webcast

30th of April 2012


10th of January 2012
New line-up presented here

Press release: Sideburn bringing in new blood for the New Year‏

Roland and Lionel are pleased to announce the arrival of 3 new Sideburn members:

Nick Thornton on bass, a pure Australian born rocker, who landed in Switzerland while he was touring with the 2 brothers of Maeder. "This guy has got an amazing groove and can sing as well, which will give us the possibility to play songs that we had to put aside".   

On guitar two young, talented guitar players, Mikael Riffart & Lawrence Lina. "We will try to have them to play both rythm & lead guitar, this will bring some more movement on stage and be more entertaining for the audience."

Mike Riffart, the 26 year old French neighbour has been Boris's substitute on and off for 3 years now, he has played with the band live already 5 times, including their last concert of 2011 at the Festiverbant Festival. "It's a logical choice, Mike, has impressed us many times with his professionalism and friendliness."

Lawrence Lina, 25 years old, has been playing with Roland in his blues band for 2 years now and professionally since over 4 years, touring europe with several projects.  "Lawrence is a real chameleon, he can play all kinds of music and can sing as well. It's probably time for him to join a band. After being a ... side man, let's join Sideburn ! "

Some more words about the new musicians:
"They are first of all nice guys, they play well and are good looking, what else could you ask for ....
The force of Sideburn, since years now, has been to have musicians that like different kinds of music, but who love Rock'n'Roll. This gives a twist to our music."

The band has planned to release a single this spring and to do some gigs till autumn to keep on promoting "Jail".

4th of December 2011
Fred Gudit, guitar player, co-founder and composer of Sideburn, has left the band in the beginning of august 2011 after a quarrel with Roland Pierrehumbert (lead singer).

Boris, guitar player and composer since 2005, has decided to leave the band at the end of september.
The relationships between members were no longer satisfying to continue.
Michel Demierre, bass player of Sideburn since 1999, has also taken this decision for the same reasons as Boris.

Fred, Boris and Michel would like to thank all the fans that have followed and supported the band during the last 20 years, for
being there at our shows and for purchasing our albums.

3rd of December 2011
The Swiss rockers Sideburn, announce that Fred (rythm guitar, composer), Boris (lead guitar, composer) & Michel (Bass) have left the band in september, but that Roland (lead vocal, composer) & Lionel (drums) have decided to keep on rockin.
The new line-up will be announced later this month.

More details about their departure will be posted on this website.

"It's always sad to have some partners & friends leaving and we know that it has been a tough call for them, we wish Fred, Michel & Boris all the best for their future.
With all the great music released those past years, the fantastic reactions received from our fans and the press worldwide, we really think that we still have much more to give
. So stay tuned for some more rock'n'roll in 2012 !"

Roland Pierrehumbert & Lionel Blanc - SIDEBURN

3rd of November 2011

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8th of March 2011

Rock'n'roll is not dead !
Jail has reached position #81 in the Swiss Charts. Thanks to our fans !!

7th of September 2010

Metal Heaven is pleased to announce the signing of Swiss Hard Rock outfit Sideburn to their label for Europe & Japan release (except Switzerland).
The band comments: "We have been in contact with Georg at AOR Heaven since the release of Cherry Red, who has done a great work promoting it and our previous releases. And as we are pretty loyal, it's a quite a logical move for us to collaborate with such a passionate company."
Sideburn are: Roland Pierrehumbert - Vocals, Fred Gudit - Rythm Guitars, Boris - Lead Guitar, Michel Demierre - Bass, Lionel Blanc - Drums.
The new album will be released in February 2011 and will be co-produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary producer Beau Hill.


August 16th, 2010

Sideburn will be featured on the new Rock Band 3 video game.Their single Cherry Red will be a part of the new Rock Band 3 format which will be lunched in October.

"This is a really big step for us" says the band's drummer Lionel Blanc. "It will give our fans the opportunity to play along with our song. We will also be featured among some of rock's legends such as AC/DC, Ozzy, ZZ Top... and it's a great honor."

A preview of the song is available and can be viewed here 

Sideburn is currently in the studio working on a follow up album to their successful 2008 Cherry Red

Feb 13th, 2010

Sideburn's Music featured in the season 8 of Fox's show 24:

One of the most innovative and acclaimed dramas on television, 24, will feature Sideburn's music in the episode 8.
The song "Six feet under" taken from the album "Cherry Red" will be the one on monday the 15th of February 2010 (FOX).

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