Pure rock from Switzerland !
Roland Pierrehumbert
Mike Riffart
Lawrence Lina
Nick Thornton
Lionel Blanc


Favorite Albums:
Van Halen - Van Halen & 1984
Saxon - Unleash the beast, Solid Ball of Rock,
            The Eagle has landed
Dio - Holy Diver & The last in line
AC/DC - Highway to Hell & Powerage
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Y & T - In Rock we Trust & Facemelter
Bad English - Bad English
Kiss - Love Gun & Alive II & Revenge
Accept - Balls to the Wall, Restless & Wild
Krokus - Heart Attack & One Vice at a Time & Hoodoo
Gotthard - Gotthard & Lipservices
Judas Priest -Defenders of the Faith
Halford - Live Insurrection
Metallica - Black Album & Ride the Lightning
Nickelback - The Long Road
Journey - Trial by Fire
Whitesnake - Slide it In
Rick Springfield - Rock of Life & Living in OZ
Thunder - Behind Closed Doors
Ratt - Best of, Infestation
Toto - Seventh One & Kingdom of Desire
Def Leppard - Euphoria
Jimmy Barnes - Freight Train Heart
Overland - Break Away
Simple Minds - Great News from the Next World
Bryan Adams - Reckless & Into the Fire,and many more...

Favorites Bands:
Saxon, Journey, Van Halen, AC/DC, Kiss,
Y&T, Dio, Toto & More.

Favorite Sideburn's songs:
Devil may care, Never get down, Mr. Clean, Black Powder, The Red knight, Live to rock, Chase the Rainbow, Long beard and boogie, Hurricane Race, Gangster Lover, Walls of Shame, Giov in L.A., Trouble Maker, Sign it in the south, Born to storm.

Best Concerts seen:
Bryan Adams - Open Fire Tour - Lausanne(1987)
Iron Maiden - Somewhere on Tour - Lausanne (1986)
Saxon - Z7 - Pratteln (2003)
Kiss - Alive Worldwide - Zürich (1997)
Dio - Kill the Dragon Tour Z7 - Pratteln (2002)
Toto - Farenheit Tour - Bern (1986)
Whitesnake+Bad English+Giant - Irvine Meadows California (1991)

Best Sideburn's Concerts:
With Dio & Rose Tattoo (Z7 - 2002 + 2004), with Krokus (Frauenfeld - 2004), with Def Leppard (2006), Coyote Cafe Jail Release Party 2011, Mazingarbe (France - 2013)

Main Influences:
Jeff Porcaro, Phil Rudd, Alex Van Halen, Stewart Copeland, Leonard Haze, Larry Mullen Jr, Gregg Bissonnette.

His Gear:
Drumset: GMS Special Edition Black Lightning
      Rack Tom: 12x9", Floor Tom: 14x14",16x14"
      Bass Drum: 22 x 18"
      Snare Drums: 7 x 14" or
      G28 Acrylic Snare Dr. 7 x 14"
Hardware: DIXON
Road Series Drum Rack & 9290 Series
GMS Bass Drum Pedal
1 x XIST Crash 18"
 1 x XIST Crash 19"
 2 x XIST Crash 20"

 1 x Rock Ride 21" Alchemy
 1 x Regular Hi-Hat 15" Alchemy
 1 x XIST China ION 18"
 1 x Splash 10" Alchemy

Drumheads: AQUARIAN
Toms: Force 10 or Response 2 Black Coated (Batter)
           Classic Clear (Resonant)
Snare Drum: Satin Finish Power Thin or Hi-Velocity Black Coated (Batter)
Bass Drum: Super Kick I  or 10 + Super ThinKick Pad (Batter)
                 Regulator Small (Front)

Drumsticks: VATER
Rikki Rockett's Bottle Rockett Left hand & Fusion right hand